Tuesday, July 13, 2010

EMS - What The Future Sounded Like pt. 3

What The Future Sounded Like is a short documentary on the renowned British company EMS - Electronic Music Studios. This fascinating documentary not only tells a great story about one of the most interesting group of electronic music engineers, but more importantly conveys what it was like to discover the frontier of a new music - without boundaries.

The final segment covers a more widespread adoption of the unique sounds produced by EMS gear, particularly the VSC 3. By pitting themselves against Moog, EMS gained a lot of supporters in the UK and provided synths for legendary acts such as Brian Eno and Pink Floyd. EMS gear was used extensively on Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon, and was also employed by a lesser-known but amusing experimental "space rock" band called Hawkwind.

Zinovieff wraps up the documentary with an articulation of his company's vision: "to be able to analyze a sound, put it into sensible musical form on a computer, to be able to manipulate that form, and recreate it in a musical way."

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